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What the Normans did for law in England

Looking back of over the Norman period and considering what impact they had on the English legal system and its development

Westminster Hall

Westminster Hall has over the past 900 years held a central place in the life of the nation. It was built by the Norman King William Rufes in 1097

Cadfael and law in the reign of Stephen

The Cadfael books cast a light on law in the reign of Stephen as well as the political history of the times. This book post explains

Oaths and Ordeals

Ordeals by fire and water and trial by battle – how they were used and descriptions of the events

Sheriffs in Norman times

Introducing the office of Sheriff, an important one in English legal history. We will be looking at the various functions Sheriffs perform as we move through the centuries

Writs, law and the nature of lawyer DNA

There is a big difference between law now and in Norman times which this post covers, along with some comments on the similarity of lawyers through the ages.

Custom and courts before and after the conquest

Looking at how England was divided for administration before the conquest and the three levels of courts – local, seigniorial and the Kings Court

Henry I – The Lion of Justice

Taking a look at Henry I, what he was like and what his reign meant for the country. Henry I was a strong, if sometimes brutal king, but this was what was needed at the time. His Charter of Liberties is the precursor of the Magna Carta